Database for RFID reader that can keep time logs and add new cards(help)

So we got the read function done already.. our problem is that we would want to register new cards that can be recognized by the reader.. also to keep a log of the time a specific RFID was used..

How would be able to interface MySQL to the arduino with the above functions? hints please? :)

noob here.. sorry, didn't know where to post this..

That's ok. It is such a coincidence that I happen to be working on the same project as you! You should check this video out, it shows exactly that!

I can help you out if you want!


thanks mate.. we're gonna try this out.. :)

No problem at all!

Thanks, Anders

so we seem to have all of our components running the way we wanted (yay!) except the database and the stepper motor that runs kinda weak...

my question is that is it possible to program the arduino to have a time limit for the RFID before it triggers another loop while continuing to accept other valid RFID tags? we are using it for electrical relays that will shut off an outlet at a specified time depending on the RFID..

Sorry but I'm not exactly sure.

Sincerely, Anders