Arduino Ethernet RFID card reader

I built a RFID cardreader that uploads each scanned card’s unique ID to a MySQL database. This system will be used in our FabLab for membership and reservation management.

I used an Arduino Deumilanove, an Ethernet Shield, a SonMicro SM130 RFID reader module + antenna and a bunch of wires, and components… The finished project is mounted in a custom laser cut enclosure so that it can be used on the counter next to the cash register.

More pictures and a couple of movies can be found at my Flickr photostream:

Nice work! Very clean. Does the board run standalone, or does it remain tethered to the PC?

The box runs standalone, the USB connector is only used for power and viewing serial debugging info.. It could work anywhere, as long as it has a power source and an internet connection.

That looks nice!

Can you post some code fragments from the MySQL access? Would appreciate it :)

Great project, could you please post any information where to buy the RFID equipments? Thank you

The php/mysql part is far from done, I'm still working on it.. but any good php site will have dozens of examples where posted forms are stored in a database.

I got the rfid stuff from SonMicro, but Marc Boon started selling awesome kits to make RFIDuino shields:

See his site at: