datasheet and microcontroller power draw

I am looking for the audrino mini’s datasheet, more specifically how much current it draws during operations. But I can’t seem to find the data sheet that I wanted. The ones provided on the website doesn’t help with my problem at all.

If anyone knows anything about this at all, please let me know ASAP

thank you very much

It’s going to depend on what software you run, and what hardware you connect. For example, I imagine it takes more current to do an EEPROM.write() than it does to do an x = 5; statement, and a digitalWrite(4, HIGH) may start to source current or cut off a sink depending on the hardware connected.

is there a worst case scenario? or a average amount of current? most of our code will deal with simple arithmetic, reading instructions from the transceiver and sending data to the transceiver.

What kind of transceiver?

The simplest way is to insert an ammeter in series in between the power supply and the board, and make some measurements yourself.

Aerocomm AC4790-200

You want, essentially, the current consumption of the ATmega168 chip itself, since that’s about the only power-consuming chip ON the mini. You can get a rough idea from the Atmel Atmega168 data sheet. This is in the form of a “maximum” power consumption in the “DC characteristics section” (page 301: 12mA @ 8MHz) that you have to extrapolate to 16MHz (current consumption is pretty linear vs frequency.) Or you can look at the “typical” “Active Supply current vs Frequency” graph (page 309: Looks like about 9mA at 16MHz.)

That gives you a pretty broad ranges of estimates (less than 9 to about 24 mA)… Next you get to test and measure…

Thank you very much for the help, I have asked my friend to just plug in everything and find out how much current is drawn, so hopefully we will have the data tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.