I am looking for dc geared motor with encoder. Can anyone help with this
I have got this requirement to develop a robot vehicle

  1. 2 drive motors for 2 wheels, to control moments like forward, backward, right , left.

  2. Weight of the total robot is 7kg.

  3. RPM 30 or 40

  4. Wheel dimension : 10cm dia, 2.5cm width

  5. Battery Voltage: 12volts to 14.8 volts

  6. Battery current: 10Ah

  7. Slop on which robot will climb and move down is 10 degree to 45 degree even moves in right and left direction on glass surface.

Please help me with, which motor is best for this , what is the torque needed.

  1. Battery current: 10Ah

That’s a capacity, not a current.

The Pololu website has a good selection of motors.


The Society of Robots site shows you how to do calculations for wheeled robots (torque, power, speed etc.).