DC/Stepper Motor Driver

Hello All,

I’m new to Arduino but not that new to electronics, electricity and coding, so I’ve started myself off on a bit of an ambitious project. I ordered the following product on DealExtreme:


I was under the impression that this was an H-bridge circuit that could allow me to control on/off and motor direction of a DC motor. My motor draws 12V, so I have an external voltage source but I cannot figure out the wiring for this module. I am assuming that VCC and GND are for the external power but have no clue as to what A-IB and A-IA could be!

IA and IB are the inputs. If you set IA high and IB low the motor goes one way. If you set IA low and IB high the motor goes the other way. You have two inputs for Motor A and two inputs for Motor B.

but not that new to electronics, electricity and coding

You could have fooled me as you say:-

My motor draws 12V

No it does not. Your motor draws current not voltage.

L9110 - is the clue. Down load the data sheet and see what this chip is all about. Which is what you would have done if you were actually not new to electronics.