I have a question about a schematic for reading out the DCC code for the Arduino. DCC is a protocol for modelroading: controlling trains,turnouts,signals,...

You can set CV's (settings) to a DCC decoder. But you can also read out the values. To read out the values the DCC decoder have to give feedback by turning the DCC ACK-pin high (which is connected to the tracks. But how it's connected I don't know. I found only a schematic with an optocoupler to read out the DCC commands.

Somebody who knows this?


library with some explanation: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mrrwa/files/


Hi Dylan,

did you ever get a solution to this one? I am looking at doing something with a mobile decode for servos and would like to know the same thing.

Thanks Mark

Nope :(... I found an ACK circuit for an PIC controller but I can't get it working with the Arduino AVR.

Cheers, Dylan

Tanks Dylan, that’s a shame. I have to say I found the library nice and easy to use and have my decoder working quickly. Now I wanted to move onto the CV side of things, but for that the ACK mechanism has to be sorted out. So I guess I have hit a brick wall for now. The funny thing is I had the same problem trying to modify a PIC decoder as well.

Thanks for our quick response.