Debugger on Arduno Due

I saw the new version of Arduino IDE and it is great!!! ;D I’m developing a project on Arduino DUE and I’m wondering if there is the possibility to use the Debug also on it.

When I start the debug TAB, the IDE asks for a configuration file :slightly_frowning_face: , but I found only the one for Arduino Zero, is there any chance to apply on DUE?

I need to use additive Hardware i.e. Black Magic or is it possible to connect to the board’s ports?

Thank in advance for your replies

I think it is definitely possible, but it will require modifications to the Arduino SAM Boards platform of the Due. There is a feature request for that here with some information:

So far, the only platform that has had the modifications needed to support the Arduino IDE 2.x debugger is the Arduino SAMD Boards platform of the MKR, Zero, and Nano 33 IoT. Once that configuration of the platform is done, I believe the debugger will support any CMSIS-DAP compliant debugger with the default launch.json configuration file.

Only if you're using a non-CMSIS-DAP debugger is is necessary to provide a customized configuration. This can be done in a convenient manner by adding a file named "debug_custom.json" to the sketch folder. There is an example of such a file for the Segger J-Link debug probe here:

Hi Pert,
thank you very much for your answer, I tried to use the configure file and it works, I will check for Segger J-Link debug probe.

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