Debugging Issue

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I participated the meeting that for make a new syllabus for school students in grade 9 and 10

Subject is Robotics technology
We decided to use Arduino Microcontroller board ( Arduino Uno) to make a robot
Final project of this syllabus is make a line follower robot

I pointed out that student must explain the operation of the robot by using debugging method( Ex How does sensor work , Sensor output in the bends and direct line).

But one of senior lecture did not agree with me and he said that debugging can’t be used with Arduino and he told that he do not like used debugging word hear

please explain the reason in both agree or disagree in this regard about what senior lecture words

Thanks in advanced

Of course you can debug Arduino code. For a long time, the tools available to you have been pretty basic, but Serial print can help you a lot. I hear that there are some fancier tools coming in IDE version two, although not all Arduinos have a chipset that can support those features.

I’m not sure what you mean by insisting that the student must use debugging to explain their work. I’m pretty sure that they would have had to use it to actually get the line follower to function though.

You might consider a logic analyzer, you can get a 24 Mhz unit for under $10.00 from many sources. I use it all the time. I create a function called void TestPin(); All it does it toggle pin 7 high then low. I use that to determine if a piece of code is being executed. I also do two more where I simply set the pin high or low in my code. This allows me to time the functions and how long any process takes. Atmel Studio as I understand offers a lot. Try this Google search for more info: “what debugging functions does atmel studio 7 offer” If you can then ask the senior lecture what debugging is, this will show that it can be done contrary to what he thinks. Nice part it is free! Have fun!

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