Decode 2.4 GHZ signal from RC by using Arduino using NRF24L01

Hello ,

I am trying to decode 2.4 GHZ signal from RC by using Arduino using NRF24L01

Things I have :

I have drone remote which works on 2.4 GHZ (6 channels). I am not sure about the manufacture and it looks like copy of Syma X5C for reference it is exactly similar as shown in this video (D73 JUMPTER DRONE REVIEW UNDER $20 HOBBYINRC - YouTube)

Things I tried :

Now for protocol I guess this one is working on Sym X5C (old one) and not X5C-1 as I have tried this library but no luck (GitHub - Suxsem/symaxrx: Arduino library for receiving commands from syma quadcopters' remotes)

Now just to make sure all of my connection are correct and module is working I have tried frequency scanner of RF24 lib and i could see module is picking up signals for some frequency

Checked the hardware also but no label's on IC's . just one sticker saying X5 :frowning:

What I am looking for / need help :

  1. A doc which describes X5C Protocol including channels used and frequency hopping if at all used
  2. If that did not work how , I would like to know how to decode this signals


You have posted a link to a 15 minute video. Can you point out the minute, within the video, where the relevant material is?

I seem to remember that there was a previous Forum Thread about interfacing an nRF24 to an RC transmitter, and it may have been a Syma transmitter. Google may be able to find it for you.

I have not tried this myself. I just use an nRF24 and Arduino for the transmitter and receiver.


Thanks for reply . The link i shared is just for model reference no details in it .
on this forum I have found one thread previously ( and tried that also but code code mentioned there is not for Syma X5C , it is clearly mention there

You have found the Thread I had in mind. I can't help further - that stuff is well beyond my pay grade.


Try the RCGroups forum, they are more likley to have attempted this sort of stuff.

cool thank you