Deleting characters in a variable

Hey guys i am very very new to arduino and i am working on a project and in this project my sensor will give me a 16 character number like 1234567800000000 in this number the last 8 number is always 0 and i want to delete last 8 character. How can i do this in Arduino software please help thanks


If it is an integer simply divide by whatever is appropriate.

If it is a character representation of the number look up cstrings


If it is a character representation of a number,

char num[] = "1234567800000000";
byte len = strlen(num); // len will be 16;

num[len-8] = '\0'; // replace the character in position 8 with a NULL

Serial.print("num = [");
// will print num = [12345678]

Okay, inquiring minds want to know, what sensor is that?