Design of High Power Motor Driver


I want to control a 24V 8Amp Dc motor with my Arduino Mega2560. Considering the specifications of the motor i have finally decided to design the motor driver circuit using a MOSFET and a optocoupler. But now i am pretty unsure which mosfet and optocoupler to use.

Datsheet of the motor :- (B9M4 DC MOTOR 5000RPM)



So, the specs say 72A Max (probably stall current) so you will need MOSFETS that can handle the voltage and current. I'm sure there are H-Bridge driver chips like the NXP MC33883 that can do most of the work.

Thanks for the suggestion. But i want to design a motor driver circuit from scratch. Will a IRF540N work as a mosfet for my circuit. As of now one directional control using PWM will suffice.

Please check the schematic of the circuit i have recently made.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If the stall current is 72A then you need to choose very low on-resistance devices, use proper MOSFET driver chips which deadtime generation. The IRF540 is not a high performance device, your opto isolator drive circuit will switch sufficiently slowly you will probably pop all your MOSFETs straight off at 72A stall current.

I would be thinking something more like the IPB017N06N3 with 1.7 milliohm on-resistance and some decent high current MOSFET drivers.

You haven't said if you want single direction or reversing.

The armature resistance is 0.85 ohm so the stall current at 24V will actually be 28A, not 72, note. That suggests on of the Polulo MOSFET bridges as a possibility.


In further investigation I found out that irf540 is not a logic level MOSFET. Hence it can't be used with the 5v output of arduino. So I was thinking to use it IRL VERSON which is a logic level MOSFET .

I just want single direction control with own .