DFPlayer - Display name of the playing track

Hi all,
I am building a player that will play songs off the sd card in dfplayer. The built in current track function is retrieving the song index number. However i want to display the full track name. Is there a way to do it. Is it possible for me to read the track name of a xml config where i can say the track no, folder no and the song title. So if i can store the xml in arduino’s mem and everytime a song plays i can get the index number from dfplayer and then display the track name

Why do you need to know the track's name? (just curious)

1.) The DFPlayer cannot report the track name - that you will have to keep track of yourself
2.) Why use an XML? You could hardcode the MP3 names into a struct or array of char arrays (etc...). If you would like to use a file to correlate track numbers to names, it would be easier to use a CSV file

  1. I need the track name so that i can display it to the LCD so the user knows what song is playing
  2. I can try and use the char array. but the chances are i may have up to 3000 songs. I just put up a quick text file to carry that much information, but that itself added up to 88kb. Can arduino uno handle that much of data?

Also I guess the same would happen even if i go for any type of config. Have i hit a dead end? If so any guidance on what i can do proceed this.

You'd need some form of external memory - like an SD card - to store that much information. And no, you can't read the SD card for the DF Player from your Arduino either, it'd have to be a second SD card.

There exist other mp3 players for Arduino but afaik they have the same limitations.