DFU mode on Arduino Uno R3 Clone

Hello All,

I have a bit of a head-scratcher here. My Uno (it is a clone) does not have the pins that are normally shown on DFU mode tutorials. Is there any other way to get an Uno into DFU mode?
I attached some pictures of the Uno itself.

Thanks a bunch!


Screenshot 2016-03-07 18.23.50.png

No, that clone does not have the 16u2 chip that you put into DFU mode.

It has a CH340G usb serial adapter, which cannot be reprogrammed and has no DFU mode.

If you are looking for DFU mode because it's not detecting correctly and you think it's because the 16u2 isn't programmed correctly, the problem is probably that you need to install the CH340G drivers, not the normal Arduino drivers.

If you are looking for DFU mode for some project that requires custom firmware on the CH340G, that board is not usable for that project, you will need to get a faithful clone of the Uno, which has the 16u2, not the CH340G based ones (the CH340G is much cheaper, and in some ways a better serial adapter - I prefer them over 16u2-based boards)

Hello DrAzzy,

Thanks for the info! I am considering getting an actual Arduino Uno or 101 sometime, so I'll use that!