DHT 22 and to servo

Hello, I have to do a school project with the DHT 22. The data of the DHT 22 has to be displayed with 2 Servos. Can someone help me with this. I've absolutely no idea, how to do this. I can program the sensor, so that I can read out the data with the serial monitor but not more.

Thanks for helping :wink:

That sensor provides temperature and humidity. Presumably you will put pointers on the servos and make dials so the servo points to the correct temperature and humidity. You'll have to do the calibrating e.g. what temp or humidity translates to what angles to write to the servos, yourself.

Since you already have the sensor work the next thing is just making a servo work. The Knob example in the IDE should give you the idea. When you have that working just plug your temp/humidity values in to replace the value from the potentiometer.