Did I burn my Arduino Nano?


I am a newbie and yesterday I got my first Arduino (Nano). I made a configuration (see the pictures provided) which caused my arduino to stop working at all (no LEDs, nothing). It was connected to the USB port on my laptop, then I made the configuration and the laptop lost connection to the arduino, then reconnected again (that happened a few times). During that time the motor (tower mg90s servo) was spinning, when suddenly the Arduino stopped working. What did I do wrong? I don’t want to burn another Arduino.

Regards, Alex

Do not power the servo directly from arduino or USB. I am not sure if nano has a polyfuse, if not you may have blown the USB port.

LE: see also Power paragraph here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardNano

You can try 7-12V on pin 30 or regulated 5V on pin 27, see if any LEDs are blinking

You may have burned the Schottky diode. I can't tell because your close up shows the wrong side. Try powering it up from the 5V pin instead of the USB and load the blink sketch. If it works from 5V but not USB after that, you probably did blow the diode.

Okay, a friend of mine mentioned something about short circuit. I noticed the Arduino has melted right below the microcontroller. I believe the problem is that I didn’t solder the pins and therefore tried to manually keep them connected, which explains why the servo spin was inconsistent and the Arduino failed right after.

Thanks everyone!