Difference between the MAX485 and the 'HW-0519' modules

Hey everyone,

I recently got a hold of a module named 'HW-0519', which can be found online. The device is supposed to convert TTL to RS485. The MAX485 module is commonly used to convert to RS485 and has a straightforward configuration: data in, receiver out, along with their respective enable pins, and the 'A' and 'B' pins for the RS485 device.

This HW-0519 module, on the other hand, just has the Tx and Rx pins, with no enable pins, Vcc, Gnd, 'A' and 'B' pins, along with a pin marked in Chinese, which when translated using Google translate, shows something along the lines of 'Ground'. I checked with a multimeter, it is not connected to the Gnd pin.

I wanted to know if anyone has experience with this module, and if it is, in fact, similar to the MAX485. Are there any libraries made for this HW-0519? Thanks in advance.



hi, I also searched this question for answers and found the answer here serial - When it comes to UART to RS485 communication, what is the difference between the 'MAX485' and the 'HW-0519' module? - Arduino Stack Exchange -between-the
I'm not sure about the accuracy of the information, but it's at least something

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