DiGi Pot. - How to use with 12v

Hi Everyone.
This is my first post. Working on a schematic for a project. I need a 12V 50K potentiometer. So after some browsing, reading and finding information, I decided to post here. Are there any recommendations for an DigiPot that is suiting my needs. Also, how would I go about programming it in SPI/I2C?? I'm in 8th grade, please be patient.

Why do you need this? What are you trying to achieve. Post schematic. Read guide to using forum for info on how to get the best out of your post.

This is what we call the "XY Problem".

"I need a 12V 50K potentiometer" is probably quite wrong.

What is it that you want this potentiometer to do? Explain everything about the device or system you have and where this notional potentiometer might fit in. :grinning:

Oops. Sorry. I am trying to control 12VDC for a Vaccum Tube Amp (headphones). The original schematic calls for a 12V 50K potentiometer (the normal analog one). I was looking for an Arduino Controlled alternative. It is used to control the volume?.

Actually. Hang on. 100K. Sorry, wrong Schematic. Again, I’m in 8th grade, first post, please be calm with me. :slight_smile: The updated project schematic is generally based on this. I have some personal updates that I would like to make, but the main is a way for me to control the 100K pot. with a arduino.

Tubak.pdf (225 KB)

OK, well the second application is exactly the application for which digital potentiometers are designed, so it is pretty much the case of "pick one". It clearly does not need to operate at 12 V.

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Many digipots are only rheostats, so you need to ensure that you select a true potentiometer. As you have young eyes, look at the MCP range like the MCP4018.