Digital Pins Configuration (Voltage Output)

Hello community,
Is there a way to programmatically limit a voltage output for MEGA 2560. I understand board is more of motor controller than a logic.
I have a project that has 8 parts each one has a 6 bit control.
I could easily use voltage dividers to convert 5V to a bit voltage, but I was wondering if there is a software limitation that can be set. Otherwise I will need to make another board with 48 inputs/outputs that limit the voltage.....
Looking forward to your guidance,
Thank you!

.5 V as translates to 1 bit in this set up

No; digital output level is basically Vcc.

Thanks for the responses!
I will start working on voltage divider set up, it be a nice feature for the future boards though :slight_smile:

I think OP basically wants a number of DACs.