max voltage on digital pin???

Does anyone know what the max input voltage allowed on a digital pin?

Im using a mega and i have 5.4V potentially going to the pin?

Is this enough to damage the pin??

if so, what is the min voltage a digital input can receive to recognise a state change??

Thanks in advance,


The ATmega328 datasheet says input voltages must not exceed 5.5V. That’s an absolute maximum and should not be considered a normal operating condition. 5.4V should be OK, but it wouldn’t hurt to put a resistor in series to limit current in case it spikes for some reason.

The minimum voltage for a logic high on a digital I/O pin is 3V. The maximum voltage for a logic low is 1.5V.

Thanks RP.

I didnt even think to check the datasheet! Doh!!! time for a beer!!