Digital potentiometer mcp41010 connection with arduino leonardo

Good evening!

I have a project where I have to connect a Digital potentiometer mcp41010 with an arduino leonardo in order to control the volume of a buzzer.
The problem is that i can’t find somewere on the internet an image that shows how to connect these two.
I have only found images that connect mcp41010 with different arduinos like UNO for example.
I suppose that there are differences between arduino leonadro and UNO, thus the connection should be different.

Does anyone know which pins of the pottentiometer should be connected with which, on arduino Leonardo?
I also attach an image of this potentiometer connected with an arduino UNO (i think…)

Thanks in advanve!

MCP41100 Arduino - potentiometer.jpg


table shows pins to use if u dont want to use the header