digital potentiometer

Does anybody know of a digital potentiometer that has a range of 0 - 1K and can sink 20Ma? I am trying to simulate the output of a sensor that has a range of 0 - 190 ohms.


Wow have you got your own substation?
Or maybe you mean 20mA?

Mind you to sink 20mA into 1K requires 20V and most digital pots will not withstand that.

Here are 5 choices of 1K pot:-
1K Digital Pots

Oops.... slip of the shift key.. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike

I have a rudder sensor that has a sealed pot that changes from 0 - 190 ohms. The voltage is 5V down the sensor line to ground. When I put it through the multimeter, the mA (:))'s changed from 10 to 20 over the range. That was the basis for my request.

The 1K SOIC looks perfect except for the current of only 5mA...

Here is an excellent reference for explanation of digital pots