Dimming of an LED at a specified time using an RTC

Hello. Im new to Arduino,im working on my beginner project. It’s a smart lighting system. I have a led that turns on when depending on an LDR. Im trying to dim the led at a particular time say 00:00:00 u(midnight) , with the aid of an RTC and only glow(increase its intensity) when it detects motion(IR sensor). How can I go about this

Err... Get an Arduino, an LDR, an RTC, an LED, a movement sensor, breadboards, wires, wire them up and write a sketch. Sorry if that's not a very helpful answer, but your question was so general!

What type of led will you use? A 5mm round type, a 5W high power led, etc..?

Did you mean PIR sensor for movement?

If you don't have an Arduino yet, I would get a Nano 3, not Uno or Mega.

Other general advice I would give is not to try to build the whole thing on day one. Spend time to learn about each component individually and separately, using the example sketches from the IDE. Get each working, studdy the example sketch, modify it a little to do something slightly different perhaps. Then begin to combine the components into the circuit one by one, modifying your sketch and testing at each stage.

im using an 5mm round type. im using an esp 32(wroom-32). to be precise, I can do a sketch to get the led to light depending on the LDR. I need help writing a sketch to dim the light at a specified time,(rtc). and back to glowing on motion detection

Ok, so you have an esp32. This is the kind of information you need to put in your original post, because it can change the advice you get.

You don't need an RTC with an esp32. It can connect to WiFi and get the time from the network as soon as it is powered up, then maintain the correct time using its internal clock. It can even sync up with the network once every day to keep the time accurate.