Dip switch pwm reversing? (NEWBIE) RC project

Hey all!

New to arduino, I have a project that requires the help of an Arduino 6ch servo controller!

The catch:

I would like to be able to have an RC receiver provide the board with each channel's individual pwm input, go through the board and if a servo is not the direction desired, a dip switch per channel to reverse the pwm. Not so much looking for hand outs as much as I am looking for the correct controller to use with inputs and outputs for the same channel. I could go the bulky route with breadboards and individual servo reversers, but it would be very clean to be able to just have a spektrum receiver with a controller in line, and then out to the servos.

This is not for an RC vehicle. It is something which is hand held, which is why the dip switches help in this regard. Any help or suggestions are welcomed! This is a new world and language to me!

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This is NOT an introductory tutorial.

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If you want to have the MCU interpret the dip switch and then activate reversing, you need 3x6=18 pins at least.

i would use the dip switch directly to choose where the servo signal comes from. Feed all 6 channels to a 6-ch servo reversing sketch, and then select with the (spdt) dip switch if the signal to the servo is taken straight from the receiver, or from the reversed output. That way you need only 12 pins, and a simpler sketch.

Hi, @tomassimatovic
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How will you know if the servo is not in the correct position?
If it is not in the correct positio, why not just use the RC receiver PWM output to correct it.

The DIP switch idea has me confused.
We need a better and wider description of your project.

Thanks.. Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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