Disabling Bluetooth Transmitter

We're using a BLE module with our Arduino Nano for a school project. We would like to perform two things: First, is disable the BLE from using the TX/RX lines so that we can program the Nano with our USB (TX and RX are shared by the USB port for programming). We were thinking of adding a DPST switch between Nano and BLE but a software solution would be cooler. Second, we want to shut down the BLE's transmitter to save every little drop of battery energy. We don't see a function in the lib for doing that. Our current idea is to not send it any data but that seems like it would still transmit. Would appreciate any suggestions regarding these two items and thanks in advance.

  • ngo

I won’t claim to be an expert, but given that most similar implementations to what you describe do use a switch, my guess is there’s no software way. I think you need a switch or jumpers.

Second, again I’m not an expert, but I think it’s relatively likely that BLE communication will handle turning off the transmitter for you. I mean it is Bluetooth Low Energy, after all. I’m pretty sure it needs some amount of two way communication to ensure data integrity, but that it will keep that to a very nice minimum for you.