display help

My project is when the state electricity cut i want automatic turn off the material in house so that the electricity off motor turn on so that the breaker do not cut. i have a project to measure current of each material in house ex.: current of tv ,current of Refrigerator etc.... i solve this using current sensor .....this is true yo use that? and how it's the code to read each current and display that at lcd?? and i want to display to high current to low current?? and i want connect the state electricity and motor electricity to arduino but i don't know that because i want compare the two for the arduino know who is arrive?? and i want to make button automatic/manual because the people would you change the on to off or off to on using lcd therefor how to control to lcd to change in the ocd on to off and off to on

thank you

One thing at a time

1 test out current sensor 2 output current to serial monitor 3 output current to lcd