Hi I am fairly new to this,
i have a dmx lighting desk but I want to control lighting software what can be controlled via midi, is it possible to convert dmx to midi commands, and if so advice or links. I’ve done some digging around but not really come across anything.

is it possible to convert dmx to midi commands,

Well in theory yes, but it seems you actually want things the other way round. If the software is sending out midi and your lights are DMX then I would have thought you would want to convert midi to DMX.

Either way you get an Arduino to receive one and convert it to the other. I doubt you will find anyone who has published such a thing because of the details change according to what midi the software dishes out and what DMX commands are needed for the specific lights you have, but is sounds feasible.

I would use a Mega as that has three serial ports.

Thanks for the reply, I should elaborate so Arduino will send the dmx from the desk to the software in midi, I have a usb dmx cable what must be used for the software to work, I will use for lighting control.

so Arduino will send the dmx from the desk to the software in midi

Can we try that again in English. I recognise all the words individual but can’t make any sense of them together.
What is your desk what is “the software”?

The desk is a Starville invader 2420mk2 it only has dmx out no midi, the software is Avolites Titan

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You are on an Arduino forum, people here know about Arduinos and what they can do. I doubt of there are many lighting engineers here. But we do know how to convert one message into another. That can only work if you know what message out you need for each message in. We don't know this because we are not lighting engineers. Any conversion software will have to be written by you. We can help you get it right but we do not do it for you.

the software is Avolites Titan

What is that? What does it run on? Do you know what parameters it accepts? Is it software that runs on the desk? Please do not assume every one knows what you know.


so Arduino will send the dmx from the desk to the software in midi,

Sorry, this is still VERY confusing.

You need to clarify your logic & description. I'm still not clear on "To" and "From", and you can't get the logic straight you'll never be able to write software.... :confused:

I'm still assuming you have a MIDI file on the computer, or a MIDI keyboard, and you want to control the lights with MIDI?

That would be From MIDI To DMX. Right? That is, you play a certain MIDI note, or send a certain MIDI command, and the lights respond to the MIDI?

That's been done, but of course you'll have to decide how to translate certain MIDI commands to certain DMX commands because there is no standard translation or 1:1 command correspondence.

Or, you could go DMX To MIDI if you wanted to start with your lighting effects and make sound from your DMX commands. But, that would be "odd".

Is the "desk" your DMX controller?

How does the DMX controller fit into the picture? Does the DMX controller have a computer-input, so you can control lights directly with the computer? If the computer can control the DMX lights in real-time you shouldn't need and Arduino... You can do that by writing a computer application that converts MIDI to DMX.

If there is no "input" on your DMX controller, you can't use it for this application. But, you can make a DMX controller with the Arduino, and you can make a Arduino-based MIDI to DMX converter.

What kind of MIDI setup do you have? Is the MIDI coming from the computer or from a keyboard, or something else? Does it have a "traditional round" MIDI connector or is it USB MIDI?

Google found [this.

](An Arduino-based Proclaim-compatible MIDI to DMX Adapter (for church lighting) - Ars Technica OpenForum)