Do I need anything between an RF Receiver and 12v relay?

Hi all, quick question here.

I am building a remote control for a set of lights, which carries 120VAC at 0.8amps...

I have a 433Mhz RF Transmitter and receiver. The receiver has working voltage of 2.5-5V and working current on 3MA.

I am wondering if I can take the channel output directly and use it to control a 12V 10A relay that turns on and off the power for that set of lights? Or do I need some sort of stepper?


That all depends. What is the output? I have use some RF receivers that output relay connections. Why keep the device a secret?

Where do you get a 3 million Amp power supply? :slightly_smiling_face:

Not trying to keep anything secret, I just thought that was the only useful bits of information about it. I am not familiar with RF technology.

It's model is TX118S-4

LOL! That's what happens when you type on a phone :slight_smile:

mA of course :wink:

Looks like the output is max 10mA at whatever the supply voltage is (12V ?), but don't know if the output is HIGH and goes LOW or vice versa when activated. You could use a transistor (PNP , NPN ?) to switch your relay.

That is a transmitter module. What are you using for a receiver?

My apologies for the late reply, work and wife have been taking up too much time to get a chance to work on this :slightly_frowning_face: , the model for the transmitter appears to be XKFST

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