Do you like the new forum?

This new software is supposed to be “mobile friendly”, but a slow scroll causes blinking of the top right, where my avatar winks on and off.
It’s very distracting
(Android/Chrome [edit] and Firefox)
(I’m almost exclusively a mobile forum user)

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Arduino company is suicidal.
This forum, which only lives through volunteers, is vital for Arduino.
Very stupidly Arduino (Arduino SA or Arduino AG or Arduino LLC or .?, which of them?), imposes his choices without prior consulting with these volunteers, even the moderators have not been consulted .
Arduino is suicidal because if the volunteers, exceeded by so many contempt, leave this forum it will be the death of the Arduino company.

I do not contest the choice of the new forum engine, it is the responsibility of the Arduino company.

But I find it inadmissible that a test site has not been opened and open to the largest numbers, including the main contributors.
This could have been done gradually: first at most than 50,000 posts, then more than 20,000, 10,000, 5000, etc …

This contempt can turn against Arduino in a few months if the company does not change attitude.

I have more than 10,000 posts, I do not want to bend without saying anything to diktats of people who manages the forum but does not use it every day as volunteers do.

If this attitude of contempt continues, I will cease my contributions and I would go on the stm32duino forum.
Others will go on Espressif forums.
It is these products that are currently successful.
Arduino has missed the Atmega328PB, this model would have interested more than the new Nano Every and could have revived the AVR family, with very low costs.

We do not ask much: only a little consideration.


Most people don’t like to change the way they work. Most people get annoyed when it means they have to learn something new, to achieve what that used to be able to achieve without learning anything new. Personally i am like that, but given a while i will try to work with what i got and deal with the formatting issues that show up. Before i would request to post within code-tags, but given that getting something that is remotely properly formatted, is really quite hard, and near impossible for people that don’t have a lot of experience with coding & on the forum, i now request them to post the code as attachment.
People don’t like to admit that they’ve made mistakes, not to themselves and not to others. There seriously are quite a few things wrong here, and i am not talking about navigation or layout. @pert Doing the business with the discourse developers is something that the people who are doing the implementing should do, not something for the general ‘end-user’. I enjoy helping people out, trying to find what mistakes they have made and try to explain how to fix this. I learn from that, i learn from my mistakes and from other, i get ideas from it etc.
For now the formatting of posts on this forum is making that harder than it was. I doubt if any of my old posts are represented correctly since an opening [code] not followed by a newline does not work as an opening [code]-tag anymore, and i am someone who tries to preserve the life of the enter button by not hitting anymore than necessary.
In the end it all comes down to either : “we’ve done it and they will just have to live with it or not”
or : “Ok we’ve successfully completed the migration, now let’s see if we can fix some of the things that are most disturbing to our users”

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Request to turn OFF the “do not disturb” completely as it interferes with the few notifications I do get (less than before)

Moderation emails / notifications need to be turned ON by default as I no longer get those.

Other replies to topics I am subscribed to or watching also need to be turned ON with a simple selection in user preferences !

The 120 LOCK for older posts needs to be retroactive and NOT from here onward.

Can we have a simple MOVE option for moderators rather than the multiple steps it now takes and the unusual message “we agree something is wrong etc”

If you ditch the Javascript for this site with NoScript or something like that (we badly need granular Javascript permissions in browsers) it becomes paginated.

I have not seen that and I tried hard not to have any return before or after the [code] tag so that the code would be as in line as possible without wasted space. have a return after the tag would mean an empty first line in the code window, sometimes meaning you had to scroll instead of being able to see the whole code sample at a glance.

but the images not appearing at the right place, the heavy post compression that makes them blurred, the lack of colors have rendered many of my tutorials (in French section) totally cumbersome (some had tens of thousands of visits like this one on states machines or that one and many others )

I’m not planing on updating any of those (and even if I wanted to the posts are locked…), this needs fixing by the team writing a proper migration script when the text includes tags.

Actually Bob I don’t think the current method is too bad (once I had found out how to do it). You can move a topic with very few clicks. Basically click the “pencil” icon, choose the destination and click the confirmation button

I am finding it a steep learning curve for markdown notation, but can see its advantages.
Unfortunately we have become used to the old forum lurks and perks.

The narrow text area and wasted space down the sides is annoying.
Larger fonts would help, I have luckily have a touch screen laptop, and can do a simple zoom to fill the screen.

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I just clicked a dozen pencils after selecting a post to be moved and the results were not as expected.

I would post a video of my FUTILE efforts but the laughter would be too much.
Was like a kid at a coloring table too many pencils.

Oh and plus :100: to whoever asked for the sigs back. I would like mine back.

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i have, though not in old posts, but some of my recent responses were put within the tags (showing the strange bold keywords like bool, and or, regardless of whether these words were in the comments or not) and some weren’t. It didn’t seem to be very consistent.

Well you have the right to that opinion. My own opinion is that if you benefit from free open source software, then you should make the effort to give back in some way, rather than only taking. High quality bug reports and feature requests are very valuable contributions that don’t require any special skill set.

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Yeah i have as well, good one, though for all the other ctrl-scroll will work as well.

Yup, I think it could have been handled better, the time given to long time users wasn’t enough but we got what we got. :woman_shrugging:

It makes me sad reading that people feel that no one cares, I do care and think many other people do too.

I tend to use myself and my opinion as a measure for what an extremely demanding user might think is satisfying since I’m quite annoying and nitpicky about these kind of things. And I am satisfied, I would have never joined the forum before the migration, I didn’t think it as usable, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if many other people thought the same and didn’t join in the past.

I do realize that I’m not a long time user of the forum et all and changing things around for them might not be ideal since many habits need to be adjusted for the new but I think that in the long run it will pay off.

Don’t worry, change takes time and people understand that. This thread is the proof I think, lots of things that have been asked in here have been enabled or changed.

Once I got past, what was for me the unintuitive UI of the pencil icon (which I initially assumed was only for editing the title), I found that the new move method is a huge improvement. I love the ability to search for categories instead of scrolling down through that huge list to find the correct international section every time.

I’m still not super comfortable with some of the other moderation interfaces, but I have had zero problems with moving topics. Merging has also been super easy for me.

If by sig you mean a pithy saying at the end of every post, I’d like a preference option to ignore them if they do return.

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I agree with you on yours, but as end-user i can not see what is caused by the software used, or by the way it is implemented on this forum. The people responsible for the implementation can.

cough and this (and all the related security problems) are certified from all the various personal data stealing episodes that most of the platforms that use it had in the past, not last the 35 millions users personal info stole from facebook (that also use discourse) few time ago, i suppose … so much for the safety and efficence :wink: cough


We had a level of engagement with the DEV side in SMF mostly via myself and a select group of users. The idea worked quite well insofar as it was semi unofficial.
Have asked a few times for an official user type panel of testers but it never really seems to get any official support and even worse seems to get lost in the extremely short time scales of deployment. It CAN and DOES work when fully supported by both sides within a framework.

Explain please, not exactly clear to me what you mean.