does anybody know if i can use this LCD screen?

Hi everybody,

I have just scavenged an lcd screen from an old IBM AIX server. the problem is that i am not able to find any documentation on it.

the part ID i think is DM110y. on the backside, i can see two Sanyo chips with the codes LC7985NA and LC7930, both chips also have 7D4 written on them.
I have taken some photos of the screen and made a picasa gallery from them.

Thanks in advance

here is the gallery i made from the pictures i took.

It looks like the standard LCD with a header to add some extra LEDs. So just look for the normal tutorials. You will have to trace the circuit you have to find the pin numbers though.

The LC7985NA is compatible with the HD44780. Unfortunately that doesn’t help with the board pin-outs. If you can identify the GND and Vcc pins, the rest might fall into place. From one of the images it appears GND might be pin 2 which doesn’t help at all

Thanks guys for your help, I am happy that the lcd controller is compatible with Arduino. I am now trying to figure out the pin connections.
In the picture below, you will see that i have found 12 pins + 2 for + and ground. I will have to figure out how to map these pins to pin identifiers such as D4, D7…
all tips are welcome.

And btw, nevermind the wrong numbering, i figured i made i mistake as soon as i uploaded the picture :stuck_out_tongue:
Image is updated


based on this DataSheet for the LC7985NA lcd controller, i have mapped my pins to the controller pins like this:

E(Enable) PIN4

Trying some of the LCD examples, my screen powers up, but nothing is displayed yet.

i am getting the test blocks on the first line now, but i can’t get the lcd to display anything yet although i have wired the db4~db7 wires correctly.
Any tips?

YAY!! I finally got the screen (half) working!! you can see a photo i have taken below.
I am using the LCD serialDisplay example, but for some reason, the caracters are getting corrupted.

in the example below, i have entered: this is a test

Any ideas?

Does anybody have an idea why my characters are displayed reverse and i am getting different characters than the ones i sent to my serial?
I though i had the wiring wrong, but i checked and doublechecked and it all looks ok.
did anybody see this before?

ok i got it working on another machine, at least i know now that it’s not my arduino :slight_smile:

I need help with the exact problem…I am running a 20x2 dot matrix LCD with the same Sanyo controller. It also has another Seiko chip SED1181FLA. I have the screen powered up and it has (20) solid 5x7 dots only on the top row. I tried using the prewritten LCD codes with no luck.

I tested the pinouts by checking continuity and found all GND’s and +5V. I also found DB0-7, RS, RW, & E.


Pin 1 - GND
::::Attached to GND

Pin 2 - LED GND (this is a two-colored external LED which I know how to control)
::::Attached to GND

Pin 3 - +5V Green LED
::::Attached to +5V

Pin 4 - + 5V Red LED
::::Unattached for now

Pin 5 - DB4
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 5

Pin 6 - DB5
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 4

Pin 7 - DB6
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 3

Pin 8 - DB7
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 2

Pin 9 - E: Execution start input to R/W
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 11

Pin 10 - RS
::::Attached to Arduino Pin 12

Pin 11 - Sanyo V5, Seiko VSSH
::::Attached to GND

Pin 12 - Sanyo VDD, Seiko VDD
::::Attached to +5V

Pin 13 - Sanyo R/W, DB0, DB1, DB2, DB3, Seiko VSS
::::Attached to GND

Pin 14 - GND
::::Attached to GND

Any ideas of what could be wrong?


I have the same display.
from an IBM AIX server
Functioning of the specified pins??
I want the display to use an Atmel AVR (ATMEGA8)