Does GPS Need Separate EEPROM

Hi guys and gals,

I'm trying to attach a GPS module with an ATMega328. I want to use a Ublox NEO GPS. While looking through schematics, I noticed that people always attached an EEPROM to the GPS through I2C protocol. I'm wondering if I need this given my ATMega has its own EEPROM, I'm also wondering why the GPS needs the EEPROM.

I've attached the datasheet/pinout of the gps unit along with one of the schematics I found. Thanks!

Some, but not all, UBLOX GPSs will at power on look for a I2C EEPROM that is connected to the GPS, and if found will load a previously saved configuration from there.

But you do not need an EEPROM to use the GPS, just configure the GPS the way you want it every time you turn it on.