Does the Arduino Uno R3 fit on a breadboard?

I bought an Arduino starter kit a while ago, and I remembered that I was still in school when I first started learning Arduino and could plug the Arduino into a breadboard, but this Uno R3 doesn't seem to fit into a breadboard.

The pins are not all on a 0.1" matrix.

I've seen prototyping shields with completely uncommited (but tiny) breadboards mounted between the rows of pins.

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No you can’t do it , have a look at breakout shields as suggested .
I think the Nano would fit a prototyping board.

In the past I’ve used a small piece of plywood and stuck a proto typing board to that and screwed they UNO down next to it .( and any display etc ).

Then just wire between as needed.

Plastic chopping boards also make useful project platforms

-my slant on a low frequency timer/counter and an interface for testing a latte panda board-:nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, none of the Duemilanove (the original "Arduino" in this form factor), UNO, Leonardo or Mega 2560 or various other odd boards in this form factor will fit on a breadboard due to the offset of one of the headers, not to mention that they are fitted with socket headers instead of pin headers.

They are really only for use with "shields" with matching pin arrangements that plug into them.

For the more general development with a solderless breadboard - and for construction of final projects with soldered connections, the Nano is far more practical. :+1:

I recall seeing comments in the past about the availability of a staggered header that would shift the UNO pins to a standard 0.1" spacing, but I doubt they are still available since the nano came out.

Thank you all! I seem to get it.

Could you please mark the screenshot? .

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