Does the WiFi 101 offer UDP Multicast Like the Arduino 1.6.6 + Ethernet?


I have a Ethernet Shield based app that is rocking fast using UDP Multicast. It self configures so the user never needs to anything other than plug it in and go.

I would love to cut the wires and go with the WiFi101 but! Does it support Multicast? I have a pile of wifi modules that claim they support it and they don't. I think I have spend over $300 on these things and they are getting progressively worse. Some are even from partners!

Anyways, I don't want to rewrite my code or do a whole lot of surgery. I just want blazing fast UDP multicast on my Uno+WiFi.

If the WiFi101 does have mutlicast, does it look like what is in the Arduino 1.6.6 version of the Ethernet libs? Like the following udp.beginMulticast(ip,port);

It would really make this a whole lot easier if the libs were official and I could source the units and their wifi from a single source.


I think there's no UDP multicast in the actual library. You may explore by yourself: --> -->

You would think with the whole 8 bit RISC, 2kb of ram thing going on the simplest and most efficient networking protocol would also be fully supported. When you also do not have a display there is no way to configure the endpoints without multicast. I guess it isn't as sexy as using a Web browser so nobody cares.

Thanks anyways!

I've submitted the following pull request to add support for multicast UDP: