Does Uno Wifi Rev 2 Support External Antenna?

The original Uno WiFi had a CX1 jack and a zero ohm resistor R36 to support an external WiFi antenna.
It looks like this was removed on the Uno WiFi Rev 2.

Does Uno WiFi Rev 2 support an external WiFi antenna?

I found two topics regarding the original Uno WiFi external antenna:

  1. Arduino UNO WiFi with external antenna
  2. Arduino UNO WiFi and External Antenna

I attached screen shots of the relevant portions of the schematics for both boards. I could not find any detail on the antenna on the Uno WiFi Rev 2.

Is there some more info meanwhile?
I also would like an external antenna for my arduino uno wifi rev2.


Need also an external antenna, any solutions meanwhile?

I too wish for an external antenna or more signal strength from the uno wifi 3 module.
I looked at the NINA's spec and in particular the antenna radiation patterns.

If I'm reading the diagrams right, the strongest signal is pointing sort of back over the Nina.
I have a motor shield on top, so no surprise it's eating a lot of my signal.
Seems like a funny choice to lay out the module in that orientation.

I'll probably take off the motor shield and connect the motor another way.