DOG-M  LCD - Which pins are which?


I bought a DOG-M ( the DOGM162W-A) LCD display and would like to experiment with the LCDdogmSPI library. But somehow I can't figure out which pins on the display are which.

In the datasheet it looks like this:

But the display itself looks like this with all the pins in one line:

It would be really nice if someone could tell me how to relate the wiring diagram to the actual pins on the display.

Thank you in advance

Look at the last page, bottom, left of the data sheet. The pin numbers 21 through 40 appear to run right to left when looking at the face of the module.

Thanks for the answer. I figured out the pins.
But somehow it’s still not working. Absolutely nothing happens.

Here’s a link to the library:

And here’s the code I’m using which is the example code, only I changed the number of lines because the display only has two:

#include <LCDdogmSPI.h>

#define CSB_PIN 10
#define RS_PIN 9
#define LCD_LINES 2

// This initializes for a 3 LINES display


void setup() {

void loop() {

And here’s how I wired the pins to the Arduino:

Pin1 - RESET → 5V
Pin2 - RS → Pin 9
Pin3 - CSB → Pin 10
Pin4 - R/W → 5V
Pin5 - E → 5V
Pin6 - D0 → 5V
Pin7 - D1 → 5V
Pin8 - D2 → 5V
Pin9 - D3 → 5V
Pin10 - D4 → 5V
Pin11 - D5 → 5V
Pin12 - D6 (CLK) → 5V
Pin13 - D7 (SI) → 5V
Pin14 - VSS → GND
Pin15 - VDD → POWER
Pin16 - VIN → 5V
Pin17 - VOUT → 5V
Pin18 - PSB → GND
Pin19 - CAP1P → not connected
Pin20 - CAP2P → not connected

(the 4 pins on the bottom are for the backlight and are currently not connected because the display also works without them)

I really don’t know what I did wrong and would be really glad if someone could help. :slight_smile: