Door lock

Hi guys. I am really new on arduino. I recently purchased a arduino uno board and I have some components. I started a project for my room’s door. I would like to open unlock the door by keypad. I already found some codes and tutorials on internet about that, but not exactly what I need. So I bought a remote central locking for cars and I would like to connect the arduino to that little remote. I have already made the connections between the board and the keypad, I set a password and is working with a servo component but I want to activate the buttons from the remote when the password is right and also to lock it back by the code. I don’t really know how to connect them or to make the arduino as a switch. To connect the green led to the unlock button and the red one to lock button. The thing is that there is always connection between the wires and even if the board is not powered, the buttons are still working. Can you guys help me with some ideas and codes? Thank you!! I will also attach some pics with it. Thanks

The pic with the remote

I have used a fob type remote triggered by a uP to operate a relay and it is easy.

All you need is to connect relay contacts across the push button and hold for a second.


Please share your code here.The images you shared are not cleared

Please share schematic of present . We dont which are all component used. Make simple connection with arduino Board. representing power section & interface