Downloading to due from Ubunti 12.10 with arduino ide

When I try to download the sample Blink program to my new due from the arduino IDE I get a "no device found on COM1" error. I have selected the DUE programming port under tools>board and the serial port option under tools is greyed out. I do see /dev/ttyACMO and have linked it to /dev/ttyUSB0 but that did not work. I cannot google up a solution for my problem. Can anyone give me a solution? I also have a question about which shields would fit on the DUE.


As an addendum the same DUE seems to work fine with the Windows version of the 1.5.1r2 IDE.

I'd be willing to place a small bet that you're running ubuntu in a VM. Is that true?

I hope the bet is small. The machine is ubuntu native but I do run WINE consistently for some windows programs, could that have an effect?

I wouldn't think so. The issue seems to be that the arduino IDE isn't seeing any devices that it considers to be valid serial ports. I'm honestly not sure if ubuntu 12.10 changed the way that these are addressed (i.e. /dev/ttyXXX) but IME you shouldn't need to create a link manually. I'd start by researching changes to the serial over USB devices in ubuntu 12.10. I may throw 12.10 on a laptop this evening and see if I can figure it out... but don't count on that :)

I ran Ubuntu fine, but is now running Mint (a Ubuntu derivative). There is/was an issue occasionally with the USB drivers under Linux. You may want to search for this in the Ubuntu forum.

Does the standard Arduino IDE run and download fine ?

I’ve been using Ubuntu 12.0 for months with (almost) no problems. I wonder if it’s a permissions thing - try running the IDE as root, does it start working?