Drive Solenoid with Lower Than Spec Voltage


I am new and glad to know about Arduino. Lately I am building my project which used solenoid.

I bought a solenoid which is spec at 24V 3.5W. It drained about 140mA @ 24V.

However, I do not have any 24V adapter available at home. Instead, I plan to use my laptop charger, which is rated @ 19V, 4A.

I understand a 4A is too high (plan to use a fuse). Could anyone advise if there is any negative impact on using 19V to drive 24V solenoid?

Thanks in advance.

If it draws 140 mA at 24V that means a coil resistance of about 171 Ohms. At 19V it should draw about 111 mA or about 2.1W. Your solenoid will have less than 2/3rds the power it has at full voltage. It will move slower (if it moves at all) and hit with less force. If the force is sufficient for your needs then there should be no ill effects.