Driving 2 DC motors and LDR with ATTiny85

Hi I am fairly new to ATTiny85 and wanted to know if I can drive 2 hobby DC motors and use 2 LDR to control each side of the motor. The led is just for indicating if the circuit is working. Please see the attached circuit diagram. I am still taking baby steps so if you have a circuit with just 1 motor and LDR please share. I plan to Either run all of this via a 9V power supply or a 2 pack AAA battery source.

If I plan to run them on cr2032 will it drastically change as i want to make them as small as possible.

Most motor drivers need more inputs than the ATtiny85 has available. The ATtiny84a may be more suitable, more I/O.

You won't be able to run any but the tiniest of motors off a CR2032. Such a battery can't deliver more than 20 mA or so.