ds3231 and time libraries


I am having no luck at all getting the time library examples to run. Have tried many different ones, but always get errors- lots of errors. Believe the issue may be that the libraries were written for 1.0, but I have 1.05-r2. Not finding much help on specifically how to correct. About ready to abandon the project, frustrated.



What time libraries are you talking about?

What sorts of errors?

You could try reading and following the instructions, like the ones that tell you how to post here (you have seen them - there the ones in the eye watering red at the top of the forum) or the ones on how to install a lib.


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Follow this tutorial: Arduino Love electronics RTC – DS3231 wiring example and tutorial. – Marc Lane's Blog


Library is ds3231.

Errors seen are "byte has not been declared"

Example that was tried is DS3231_test.

Other libraries/examples such as to test the LCD I have connected are successful.



Library is ds3231.

That is not helpful. Can you provide a link?

With elegantly economical prose, jremington said,

That is not helpful. Can you provide a link?

I concur. A google search for "arduino," "library," "ds3231" yields a huge array of hits. I'm not willing to try and guess which one you picked.

At this link - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum, the entry into the "Programming Questions" section of this forum, you'll find, at the top of the list of posts, an entry entitled, "How to use this forum - please read." Please read it, follow the link, and do what it suggests. In particular, these entries from item #11, "Tips for getting the most out of your post," are particularly relevant to your question:

  • Mention which Arduino you have.
  • Post a complete sketch (program code)! If you don't you waste time while people ask you to do that. However, with coding problems, if possible post a "minimal" sketch that demonstrates the problem - not hundreds of lines of code. If the problem goes away in the minimal sketch, it wasn't where you thought it was.
  • If you get an error, post the error (copy and paste). Not just "I got an error".
  • If you are using a library that does not come with the IDE (in other words, you downloaded it from somewhere) please post a link to this library.
    [emphasis mine]

I think that it would be a trivial effort for you to name your Arduino, post a short sketch that illustrates your problem, post the errors, and post a link to the library.

Figuring out what's wrong with your code can be a lot of work. We'll help, if you'll do most of it.