DSLR control and download

I'm planning to use arduino to remotely capture images on a DSLR I'm then having actions saved in Photoshop that will move images into a filmstrip type template to print. Photoshop actions look for a certain file, I can't tell it to look at last photo taken. Does arduino have capability to download image taken to computer as well as rename it? This way the actions in Photoshop will work and the original images will be left on the cameras as card

How do you plan to get the photos off the camera's card while it's still in the camera?

I expect that there are Python scripts to do this on the computer, with the camera connected by USB. No Arduino required.

Arduinos don't have enough memory or processing capacity to work with images.

Have you considered a Raspberry PI or a cheap laptop?


Arduino is not suitable for handling the images of that size. It can, however, easily trigger the camera.
You could use something like EyeFi to get the images from the camera to the PC.
Once on the PC, use Python, or perhaps Autohotkey to automate renaming and whatever else you need to do.

I was planning on tethering the camera via USB and sending a command via keystrokes to capture it. The arduino is going to be controlling an actuator and solenoid valve in sequence with the photos being taken.

Not looked at any programming on PC before such as Python. Is it fairly straightforward?

Not looked at any programming on PC before such as Python. Is it fairly straightforward?

These examples are probably not relevant to your camera project but they will give a flavour of Python
Communicating with Arduino using Python
Simple Python GUI program

The simplest Python program is
** print "Hello World"**

Python has good libraries for doing stuff with images.


given that you seem proficient in a C type language (Arduino is C or C++ I believe) you should pick up python quite easily.
Python is fairly C like in its syntax, but simplified. Take a look, I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time :slight_smile:

i came across DSLR boot software which will do the whole sequence and its only $50 ive used the arduino to send the spacebar key to start the software but it also controls some external devices which i will control using delay milliseconds to match the software ;D