Dual 14-segment LED Display

Hey everybody,

I am totally new to arduino and electronics in general. I recently ordered a dual 14-segment led display and have no clue how to hook it up to my arduino's protoshield. I found plenty of resources for 7-segment led displays but nothing for 14. If someone could explain which pins are connected to which leds and how I could connect it to my arduino I'd really appreciate it. Also is there any code out there that could help me?


oh , this is a little complicated.
you have to use multiplexing(transistors and maybe flickering)
or a shift register (74xx595)

Where did you order it? usually they provide a link to a datasheet from the manufacturer that explains how the internal circuit is wired. usually the displays are common-cathode or common anode, i.e. all LEDs are connected to a common pin. so you also need to know which polarity this is.

I got it from Electronix Express from the surplus section and I can't find any data on it. I only paid $0.70 for it so I won't be too bummed if I can't ever get it working. I was just curious and wanted to see how these things work.

does it have any letters on the device?

If it were me (skinflint mentality) and no datasheet. I’d make myself up a 4-12v battery pack with a 1k resistor in series with the positive lead and have a prod around on the connections and see what lights up. A bit of logical thinking and it shouldn’t take too much fathoming what does what.

the segment displays have usually 1 or 2 pins that are common to all leds. the displays come in either common anode or common cathode configuration. for example the pin 1 is common anode. how many segments including the decimal point has your display? 15 probably? so if the device has 16 pins, the other 15 drive the segments.
the segments itself can be made up by several leds to get a uniform brightness. for example the longer segments could have 2 leds in series, a shorter only 1.
If you have an adjustable regulated power source, you can start guessing the configuration, you might need to go up to 4-5V if leds are in series.