Due with 3 CAN BUS

I have a need to transfer data between 3 different CAN BUS. I tried it with a mega but unfortunately it couldn't keep up with the data on one bus. It was only 6 sets of data but they were all sent together every 2 seconds. (A post on here hasn't brought any solution to that).

I have a Due and a twin CAN shield

and was hoping to add another shield.

I have the twin shield working but am unsure how or if the single one will work.

Please provide a link to that for additional context and information.

@Tinbum the UNO and Mega a very slow compared to DUE

Im looking at Dual can and Tripe CAN bus systems also
Just started to look at Teensy 4.1 its way faster

Teensy still uses Arduino IDE

And you can get a 3 Port CAN interface

Good thing is the Teensy is small board

Can I ask with the mega you got working with Three CAN BUSS
Was that just with using a IC2 and having different address for the 3 boards on the IC2 ?

If want to say with DUE
I have used this dual interface and it work well

And maybe this could be used if wanted a third Bus

Thank you. I used 3 of these on the mega, Seeed Studio, CAN-BUS Shield V2, as they have pads on the back it is easy to run a wire from the center pad to a different pin.
At the moment I am using a Due with the dual can you mention to slow the data down first on the line that is too fast and then input this to the mega. It's working well but not ideal.
I just don't seem to be able to get a 3rd can to work on the Due and I also couldn't get MQQT to work on it- it kept on disconnecting all the time.

I've ordered one of these and will see how it goes.

I went ahead with the Teensy 4.1 Triple CAN with Ethernet and it's working brilliantly. No missing data and MQQT doesn't keep logging out like it did on the Due.

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