Dupont Color Wire configuration with Wirless Blue Tooth module

Im trying to build something similar to this

but im having trouble connecting the wires because the wires shown there are white while the wires i have are colored as such

any ideas how to connect the wires

G_ must be hard for people that are colour blind too.

You will have to understand the function of the pins of the BT module, and where to connect them to according to the datasheets and code. Start with ground. Make sure you use a black wire for that. Then connect VCC (power), and make sure you use a red wire for that. The rest you will have to figure out by reading the module's datasheet and understanding the code.

Post a link to the module, tells us what Arduino you have, and post your code (inside code tags) if you want detailed help. Leo..

I wouldn't go too much on the Youtube, even if the wire was colour coded. Best practice is to have a voltage divider on the bluetooth Rx line, which is not immediately apparent but may be mentioned. Using a littler breadboard would be a good idea, also a male-male ribbon like the male-female you propose.

You might find the following background notes useful

The bluetooth shown appears to be a plain vanilla HC-05