Dynamixel MX-106T

Hello all,
I bought a Dynamixel MX-106T and want it to work with a arduino uno.

I use this Library from J. Welda:

It works; I can make the dynamixel work in wheel or servo mode. Only, I get no info back from the dynamixel. I hooked it up, showed in

For all I see the arduino can Tx, but can receive any Rx data. I bought a TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SN74LS241N IC for half to full duplex communication. I think the problem lays with that, but can’t put finger on the spot.
Also I got the dynamixel hooked up at a 12V source.

I tried every Library that I found on the www. Including this one:

The Savage library doesnt work at all, I read all those comments, but none was helpful.
Does someone encountered the same problems and got a solution?
Thank you.