Dynamixel MX106T to arduino UNO or Mega

Dear all,

I want to hook up a Dynamixel MX106T to a arduino uno or mega.

Can I put a 14.8V external voltage to the dynamixel without blowing up the arduino? Because the data wire goes to the arduino.

Is the 74LS241 buffer chip necessary with the MX-106T?

I want to apply the Dynamixel Libary from GitHub - zcshiner/Dynamixel_Serial: Arduino library to control Dynamixel servos (MX series) over serial..

Thanks in advance,

You should supply power to MX servo separetely. You could take a look here:


This library doesn't required an additionnal tri state buffer, but it use softserial. If you want to use built in serial port, you may have to do the aditional hardware.

Let me know if you plan to use softserial lib, you may have to tweak it a little as it has been written for AX servos.