Ebay 1.44" inch ST7735 SPI 128*128 TFT LCD

First apologies if this post is not formatted correctly, it’s from my phone.

I just spent a frustrating 2hrs trying to get this lcd to work with my Wemos D1 mini:


They actually sent me this LCD which is different from the Ebay post:

According to the seller:

Driver IC: ST7735
Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels

IO interface:
RESET --directly to the microcontroller IO
CS --directly to the microcontroller IO
A0 --IO control registers select
SDA --IO control data transmission
SCK --IO control SPI bus
LED--High Level 3.3V backlight on

I’ve tried many different ways and when running ST77xx library example and editing the pin numbers, nada.

I’ve got two displays so I don’t think it’s hardware.

Going to try again in the morning, any advice appreciated.

Try using Bodmer’s tft_espi library

@lesept I will do thanks :slight_smile:

Try using Bodmer’s tft_espi library

Got it working with my UNO, thanks. Just need now to see if it can work with my Wemos D1 mini :slight_smile: