Emitters and Receivers with Arduino


I’m a student currently working on creating an interface for an interactive installation project using Arduino and Processing.

I was wondering if it’s possible to create a system of sensors that uses multiple emitters for a single receiver. As you can see in the diagram I have attached, I’d like to use a hovering globe (using a levitation display – see the picture below) and fit it with 5 emitters in the position of different world countries.

Ideally, when an audience member rotates the globe and places a specific country/emitter above the receiver, a connection is made and a piece of data is send to the board and IDE, which then triggers a specific thing to occur. My question is: is it possible for the different emitters to send different values to the receiver when they are in close proximity, in such a way that Arduino sends them to Processing through a serial connection? How would I go about doing this? What’s the best type of sensor?

I wonder if there would be too much interference between the emitters.

I’m a beginner so please forgive me if the terms I have used are not entirely appropriate, I’m doing my best to learn!

Thank you for your time and attention, I’m hoping this idea isn’t too far fetched! :slight_smile:


First get the hovering globe to hover while people are handling it.


What are the emitters imagined to emit?

Can your problem be restated as “I have a hovering globe and I want to know its current orientation and do some specific action depending upon that orientation”?


If so, I think that opens up the solution space.