Emulating NFC tag using NFC shield

I am using nfc shield with arduino uno and I am trying to emulate ISO1443-4A card. I am using PN532 library for arduino from seeedstudio. But this library doesn't include functionality to emulate card. Are there any example code of emulating tag using PN532 using arduino ? Are there any tutorial/documentation about this ?

Apparently, emulate means something different to you than it means to me. To me, emulate means "pretend to be". There really isn't much you can not do, if you just want to pretend to have read a card.

Therefore, I think you need to explain your problem a little better.

Emulation in this regard means that the RFID reader appears as a written tag to other readers.

handychandra7, I am researching this topic as well. Have you found a solution since posting?