Enabling Bluetooth on Node MCU board

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask how do you turn on bluetooth on ESP12-E ESP8266 Node MCU board. Thanks:

it doesn't have Bluetooth

Ok sorry fro asking it wrong.

how to delete a question?

You don't delete questions.

Do you wish to have your account deleted?


Just pulling your leg. :rofl:

I am in no position to delete accounts in any case - not a moderator. :grin:

Threads are not deleted here except where they may contain clear abuse. The general idea theory is that someone can search the forum for the information they require before actually posting a question, so someone could find your question and the appropriate answer if they needed the same information. Especially if it is clearly and accurately titled as yours indeed is. :+1:

Well, it doesn't always work that way so many questions are asked again - and again and again. :pleading_face:

Thanks for explaing!! I thought you were a moderator

Just pulling your leg. :rofl:

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