Error in Arduino IDE software 1.6.11

Hello All.i have attached a sketch file which works fine in older versions of Arduino IDE like 1.0.6 but can not work in latest version which is 1.6.11.I use both versions but can anybody tell me why it is giving me compiling error like "error compiling for board arduino/genuino UNO" however it is working great on older more thing i want to tell that if you remove last 4 lines of program which is for screen clear purpose for hyper terminal then it works fine.But why after adding these four lines it gives me error and not giving error in older IDE versions?It is an one wire library sketch file for Ds1820 temperature sensor you can also try by installing famous one wire library then try to compile it you will see the error but no error in older version Why?

DS18x20_Temperature.ino (3.12 KB)

So now you cross post( but still don't bother to follow my instructions to post the error so I can actually help you?

Grrrr. I was just about to ask if a moderator could move your other post into a new thread, when I noticed that you already had two posts, checked and found this thread.

It's a pity that the IDE 1.6.6 is now available for download thread hasn't been locked. The moderators have had to delete at least one post per day from that thread lately, with newcomers posting all sorts of junk there just because it's at the top of the list.

As pert said in the other thread, you're definitely getting off to a bad start here.

Anyway, it compiles fine for me in IDE V1.6.9. When I run it, I just get a stream of "No more addresses.", but that's to be expected since I don't have a DS18x20 attached.

I'm not getting any errors either.
(IDE 1.6.11, OSX 10.11.5)


Sorry folks for my duplicate post now other post is removed.Anyway one more thing i forget to mentioned that i am using Windows XP service pack2 one of my friend also told me that he is also not getting errors on win7 but getting errors in Win XP this clicks in my mind and i decided to check it my self and i checked it my self 1 hour ago and it works great on Win7 and this is what i found that versions uptill 1.0.6 is fine on XP but above that gives error for that file which i uploaded the developer should check for it.So what will you people say now that this IDE dose not properly or completely supports XP however it is also made for XP its installs on xp and works for many sketches but not all however runs all in win 7 .Can anyone cross check it on XP SP2 and reply...Thanks.

You still didn't show your full error message, despite having been asked by both pert and spycatcher2k. In future when you post regarding a problem, post your full code, the full error message, (both enclosed in [code]code tags[/code], and also mention which operating system you're running and which version of the IDE you're using, along with any other relevant info such as links to libraries you're using etc.

You're possibly correct, by the sound of what you did say, but posting the exact error message would certainly help.
Was the gist of it something like:-"collect2.exe: error: ld returned 5 exit status"
There is a common problem with using WinXP with later versions of the IDE. The problem stems from the fact that "ld.exe" is not fully compatible with XP.
I came up against the same problem when using IDE V1.6.5 with WinXP SP3. (I'm using Win10 / IDE v1.6.9 now, so it's not an issue.)

The fix for me, (and many others), was to replace "ld.exe" with a copy from IDE V1.0.6. I downloaded the zipped version of IDE V1.0.6, renamed my original "ld.exe" to "orig_ld.exe", then replaced it with the earlier one. After that, I never had another problem in that regard.

There's a long discussion on this subject here:-
many cases of ld.exe crashes. (on windows xp).